Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am so fed up with some T.V. My husbands favorite show is "Sons of Anarchy." I hate that crap. At first I kept my mouth shut and dealt with my husband watching it. I told him I just don't see the difference in this biker movie & the thugs off of gangland. He says it's different, but whatever. So I watched the last show I could stand a few weeks ago when one of the girls was kidnapped, tied up and gang raped. That was it for me. It was all I could do not to get up out of my seat and go smack the stupid off my husbands face. I am not kidding. Who in the heck watches crap like that? It's wrong. Yes. Even though it is a T.V. show. If you can sit and watch something like that...you got issues!!!
How is it even remotely acceptable to watch something so violent and almost unspeakable! I was mad for 3 days. I really was. I try really hard not to go to bed mad, but the next mornings, I just woke up so angry at him for enjoying this show. I had nightmares for a week. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. I personally think that show should be cancelled. Not only is it not appropriate for kids, but it isn't appropriate for adults either. How is that type of episode ever ok? I haven't watched a single episode where someone didn't get killed or something extremely violent happen. I mean, what about the episode where they held this guys arms and cut his testicles off with a pocket knife? It's not right.
My husband is always talking about gangs and black and mexicans and their awful gangs. I don't get it. The only difference is that these bikers are white and on "Ganglands" they aren't. He don't see that. He thinks because they are white they have a purpose for doing what they do...they have a "code" they live by.
Uumm...It's 2009. If you are still racist, you are just ignorant.
Reguardless though. This show is awful and I'm sick of even knowing that it shows once a week!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I went to get my hair done yesterday, finally. I used to have to drive all the way to the next county to get to a good salon, so I was excited when one of the girls from there opened her own place here in my town. Well, I was. So I go in there and she does a really great job on my hair cut but that was it. She didn't fix it or anything. She just cut it. Why would I want to pay for a cut and not get it styled? That's crazy. I actually had to go home and style it myself. Who runs a business like that? This is only the 3nd time I seen this particuar girl. I got a perm from her about 2 years ago and she did the same thing. (sort of) When she finished my hair she never moused it or styled it. I just assumed that she didn't do that when she done perms. I was wrong. She doesn't do it at all.
Now she has the nerve to stand around and gossip about how bad of a job the other girl does. Atleast she finishes her job!? I mean crap! When I go and pay money to have my hair done, I want it done right. I guess I will just be going back to my regular girl. It's so hard to find a good stylist. UGH!!!