Sunday, September 20, 2009

Get Real!!

O.k, so me and my husband went to Applebee's last week for lunch. We haven't went there in almost a year. The closest one to us is like an hour away, plus, we really only go out on special occasions. (my hubby is so cheap, he's had the same wallet for years!) So, we go eat and this place used to be a great place to eat! I loved their food. Wow, how things have changed. I ordered the steak and he gets ribs. I could have done a better job at home with a $3 peice of meat and a frying pan.
Obviously restaurants are cutting back in order to make more money now that minimum wage has gone up. So they lower the quality of the food and jack up the prices a little more. Who the heck wants to pay more for less??? I don't. I think this whole thing is getting out of hand. Combos at fast food restaurants are $7 a person and you get less than you did when it was $5 a person.
I understand that these places want to make a profit, but let's get real! Restaurants make millions of dollars each year. They are getting greedier as each day passes. Why not keep the same food that people love so much? Would it really kill them to make only 5 million a year instead of 6 million?
On top of all this, working in restaurants is actually harder than most think. I spent 4 years working in the food service industry, 2 as a manager. Most of the people working are getting crappy hours, work for 2 people, and crappy pay. Could you rude snobby people out there cut these girls and guys a break sometimes? If they are nice and respectful, return the favor! If they give good sevice, tip them appropriately! Screw what Oprah says! These people are trying to make a living too.

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