Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I finally got registered for my fall classes yesterday morning!! I had to register late because of my new schedule these days and I pretty much had to take what was available in my area of study. I ended up with a wednesday morning class and a saturday morning class. The really crazy part is one class is on one campus about 20 minutes frome my house and the other on the main campus 45 minutes away from my house. I'm not very excited about this, but it's ok. I'm really looking forward to getting these last few classes done anyways.
Now, the way my schedule at work is set up, I have every other saturday off, and on the other saturdays I work a 12 hour shift. Now that my class will be every saturday, some changes are being made to my work schedule. My co-worker is NOT happy. This means that we both have to work EVERY saturday now. She will have to work from 8-2 and I will be working 2-8.
Instead of addressing the real issue at hand, she cusses me out because I put sour cream on my baked potato and not butter. Crazy and confusing, I know!!
I'm not going to repeat the words she used, but it was ugly. I couldn't help but to bust out laughing because it was so rediculous. Ofcourse, that lit her fire a little more. I do feel bad that we both have to work every saturday now, but she shouldn't have talked to me like that. I didn't really say anything to her because I felt that in this situation it was best for me to let it go and let her calm down.
I apolagized to her when I showed her my schedule, but she was still upset. When we were referred to this job, she was told the same thing I was.....You MUST be willing to work weekends and evenings. I know that's no excuse, but it IS a requirement of our job. Our office is open 12 hours a day and we split that evenly amongst the 2 of us.
Besides all of this I have worked a 12 hour shift every saturday for the past month because she had other things she wanted to do and places to go with her family. How can she expect me to have her back but when the tables are turned, she can't do the same? I'm not complaining about haveing to work for her because I don't mind. I would like to have the same respect too though. This is only for 3 months and then things will go back to normal. We should both be willing to work together on things like this.

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