Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am so sick of people sometimes! There's all these people fussing about government healthcare....and they are on medicaid. Seriously? They've got to be joking, right? What are they fussing about? They already have free healthcare. I don't get it. If the government put a stop to all these free-loading losers sitting on their butts in their government funded homes, with there food stamps and welfare, this country would probably be in a little better shape. I'm not talking about people in need of SHORT-TERM assistance either. I'm talking about people who recieve food stamps, welfare, TANF, and free housing for years and years. It's not fair that we have to foot the bill for this crap.
We finish high school, go to college, earn our way to a good career. Why can't they? It's hard, but not impossible. Then again, they get everything for free. Why would they WANT to do something for themselves, right? I guess it's much easier to be the leeches of society considering the overwhelming amount of people doing it.
I bet that if the government had to pay this bill without the taxpayers money, this wouldn't be going on. However, since WE work for it, and it's no water off THEIR backs, it's ok to let these dead beats suck us dry.
I'm just sick and freaking tired of hearing every one of them complain and belly ache. They act like the world "owes" them something?!! You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. Without all of us who actually done something with ourselves, they wouldn't have anything because politicians certainly aren't going to dig it out of their pockets!


  1. Couldn't agree with you any more, people are themselves to blame for the situations they put themselves in and not the government.

  2. They're lazy and they get away with it. I know someone who lives in government housing, doesn't work, has two kids, gets a pension. He's 29 and there is nothing wrong with him, aside from absolute and utter laziness. Makes you sick, hey? The thing that angers me the most is that even though he's getting away with it, why would he even want a life where he contributes nothing?

    I will never understand that kind of mentality.